OHE Four Piece Ceramic Set
Illes Baleares

OHE represents the Original Human Experience. Even if the earth is flat (;) - we can work with materials that naturally occur beneath us. This is an organic, ceramic experiment. These are not perfect by any stretch - that would be boring right? 

I wanted to bring some freeform energy to the clay and color, working with French ceramicist Stan Carrelet in Felanitx I was able to accomplish what I set out to do. The colors and set represent the power of III - another philosophy I tend to fall back on anytime I get ahead of my self. Food. Water. Shelter. If we have these things, we have life. Anything above that is elective stress. The modern tackle can be well over head many days, if I work in set’s of three I can find a silent way to convey this message, even if it is not apparent, I can at least think back to that moment of creation with some core life messages on my mind rather than thinking about some foot in the door device action.