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Last Resort AB Collaboration, Toyko Launch

Over the last year I have been working in collaboration with Last Resort developing a capsule of new soft + hard goods. Working along side Pontus Alv on this collection has been an exciting exchange of creative ideas. Rarely / next to never... do we get to develop ideas with out compromise, down to the detail with independent people / brands / organizations. Working with Pontus, Daniel and the rest of the crew at Last Resort was just that. Big thank you to Pontus + LRAB crew for trusting the ideas and putting this on..

We are launching our joint creative efforts at NOAH CLUBHOUSE in Tokyo on May 24th, 2024 from 18 to 21h Looking forward, hope to see you there.......

The global release is live now. Check it out ︎︎︎

Last Resort AB & Julian Smith COLLECTION LAUNCH PARTY 日時: 5月24日(木)18:00 ‒ 21:00 場所: NOAH CLUBHOUSE 東京都渋谷区神宮前 4-26-29
MAGARA @magachin
YOPPI @yoshifumiegawa

———————————— スウェーデン・ストックホルム発のインディペンデントスケートシューズブランド「Last Resort AB」は、スペイン・マヨルカを拠点とするコンテンポラリーアーティスト「Julian Smith」とのカプセルコレクションを5月24日(金)にリリースします。 これを記念して、NOAH CLUBHOUSEにてPOP UPイベントとローンチパーティーを開催します。 このコラボレーションコレクションの先行販売に加え、Julian SmithのアートワークもNOAH CLUBHOUSEで期間限定で展示されます。また、5月24日のパーティーには、Last Resort ABのデザインチーム、ライダーチーム、そしてJulian Smith本人も参加する予定です。

@ju____s____  @noahclubhouse @lastresortab

Independent skate shoe brand "Last Resort AB" from Stockholm, Sweden will release its capsule collection with contemporary artist "Julian Smith" based in Mallorca, Spain on Saturday, May 24th. TO CELEBRATE THE RELEASE OF THE ABOVE, WE ARE HAVING A POP UP EVENT & LAUNCH PARTY OF THE SAME COLLECTION AT NOAH CLUBHOUSE Julian Smith's artwork at NOAH CLUBHOUSE including pre-sale of the collab collection with Last Resort AB Display for a limited time. Also, during the party on May 23rd, Last Resort AB designer team, rider team and Julian Smith himself will be in store.



Exhibition @ Museu de Porreres

On March 22, 2024 I will be showing a selection of works from the past 10 years of life in Mallorca. Opening reception at 19:30 at the Mesuem of Porreres. Hope to see you there.

Julian Smith | Selected Works | 2014 - 2024
Meseu de Porreres, Mallorca, Islas Baleares, Spain
Inaguration March 22 at 19:30h
Exposition from March 24 until July 27, 2024
Visit: Friday / Saturday: 18h - 20h | Sunday / Tuesday: 11h - 13h

View Virtual Gallery Tour ︎︎︎



New LTD 12” Choffa Jazz EP on SFR Records

Very happy to put out a new EP with my island side bud Alex Ortega Fuster. We have been recording for the past few years on this project. The EP is now pressed up, landed at HQ, hand stamped and ready to go. Very limited promo run of 30 copies only.. These pup’s are going fast.

To order: Choffa Jazz - Saxo Taxo EP

SFR Records introduces Choffa Jazz. One half of Choffa's sound is an unorganized ear, simply relying on rhythmic instinct and melodic theories best left unexplained. The other half resolves expression though a propriety musical system based on color and key formal derivatives. The Choffa duo merge their story of two halves in to one singular sub reality messaging system. We are proud to present the Balearic based Choffa sound via their debut EP 'Saxo Taxo' out now.

12' Vinyl & Digital
Signed & Numbered 30X Copies

Choffa Jazz - Saxo Taxo EP
A1: Choffa Theme [7:38]
A2: Zone Two [5:20]
B1: Reprise [5:36]
B2: Dub [5:51]

Written and Produced by Julian Smith and Alex Ortega Fuster
Mixed by Julian Smith
Mastered at Mild Shock Studios, Islas Baleares
Published by Boxwork Music Publishing
Distributed by SFR Records



New 10" EP on WNCL Recordings (UK)

Getting the jungle out today :^] XXXL Love to Bob Bhamra for putting this on. Real stoked to be a part of the WNCL clan once again.

Artist: Jane in Palma
Title: Arabs Version / Mixup Blender
Label: WNCL Recordings
Cat No: WNCL045
Release Date: 25th August 2023

WNCL Recordings is back with a series of 2-track 10” vinyl battle weapons for your record box. Jane in Palma returns to the Cassette Library with enough bass weight to sink a ship. You know the drill by now - heavy duty cuts, not for the faint hearted.

Listen / Buy the Vinyl + Digital



‘Mix Up Blender’ + Don Letts BBC Radio

Don Letts plays ‘Mix Up Blender’ - a track off my forthcoming EP on WNCL Recordings on his recent installment of Culture Clash Radio. I have been a long time listener and viewer of Don’s music and film documentations and contributions. Needless to say I am very stoked to be a part of episode’s journey. Listen to the show ︎

A few words about Don..

A key cultural evangelist, Letts became part of the punk scene in late-70s London, befriending everyone from Malcolm McLaren to Bob Marley; he was DJing at the Roxy in Covent Garden, and with his pioneering choice of reggae records, Letts almost single-handedly made allies of punk and Jamaican music and struck a powerful cultural blow against racism. He also, with his Super-8 camera, shot vivid and intense footage of bands including the Sex Pistols and the Clash playing live which has become an indispensable archival resource for anyone making films or TV programmes about punk. From there, he had a thriving career as a music video director, worked with Mick Jones to set up Big Audio Dynamite and carried on making feature films.
- The Guardian