New 10" EP on WNCL Recordings (UK)

Getting the jungle out today :^] XXXL Love to Bob Bhamra for putting this on. Real stoked to be a part of the WNCL clan once again.

Artist: Jane in Palma
Title: Arabs Version / Mixup Blender
Label: WNCL Recordings
Cat No: WNCL045
Release Date: 25th August 2023

WNCL Recordings is back with a series of 2-track 10” vinyl battle weapons for your record box. Jane in Palma returns to the Cassette Library with enough bass weight to sink a ship. You know the drill by now - heavy duty cuts, not for the faint hearted.

Listen / Buy the Vinyl + Digital



‘Mix Up Blender’ + Don Letts BBC Radio

Don Letts plays ‘Mix Up Blender’ - a track off my forthcoming EP on WNCL Recordings on his recent installment of Culture Clash Radio. I have been a long time listener and viewer of Don’s music and film documentations and contributions. Needless to say I am very stoked to be a part of episode’s journey. Listen to the show ︎

A few words about Don..

A key cultural evangelist, Letts became part of the punk scene in late-70s London, befriending everyone from Malcolm McLaren to Bob Marley; he was DJing at the Roxy in Covent Garden, and with his pioneering choice of reggae records, Letts almost single-handedly made allies of punk and Jamaican music and struck a powerful cultural blow against racism. He also, with his Super-8 camera, shot vivid and intense footage of bands including the Sex Pistols and the Clash playing live which has become an indispensable archival resource for anyone making films or TV programmes about punk. From there, he had a thriving career as a music video director, worked with Mick Jones to set up Big Audio Dynamite and carried on making feature films.
- The Guardian




We return to ALART, looking forward to be showing new works at Casal Son Tugores right here in Alaró. The opening is June 17th @ 19h, hope to see you there. More infos below.

Aquest any celebrarem la 16 Edició d´Alart. Alart tindrà el seu propi programa peraquesta nova edició, amb diferents activitats i exposicions que tindran lloc entreel 17 de juny i el 30 de juliol.

Com és habitual, la cita reunirà interessants propostes amb exposicions,intervencions, videoprojeccions, música i dansa. En aquesta edició, el Casal Son Tugores acollirà una exposició amb obres de la col·lecció del C.C.C. PELAIRES, tota una institució del galerisme amb més de 50 anys d´història! Hi podrem veure també el projecte "DESPRÉS DE ´INCENDICENIZAS-QUEDAN", de PATTY CHACANA i EVARIST TORRES, així com "OBSERVATORI", una proposta en format exposició col·lectiva, que esdevindrà un petit recorregut que anirà de l´art local a l´art internacional, amb obres de KEILA ALAVER (Brasil), JUAN URIBE (Colòmbia), ÁNGELA BONADIES (Veneçuela) o dels mallorquins XISCO BONNÍN i MARTA FONT,
entre d´altres.

A la Capella del Roser de l´esglèsia d´Alaró hi trobarem una instal·lació de RAFAFORTEZA. Igualment, destacar la participació de PEP LLAMBIAS, MARCELOVIQUEZ, PAULA VALDEÓN LEMUS i CARLOS MACIÁ, entre molts altres artistesdestacats Alart ha destacat sempre pel seu programa de dansa contemporània, en aquesta edició contarem novament amb un espectacle de la companyia PUNTIAPART DANSTEATRE, dirigida per CARLOS MIRÓ, així com una performance amb percussió flamenca a càrrec d´ALBERTO TRABADO.

El programa d´Alart inclourà activitats durant els mesos de juny i juliol, amb un taller per a infants a càrrec de JULIÀ PANADÈS, o la visita a les instal·lacions de PALMYRA SCULPTUR CENTRE. L´acte de cloenda, ja a finals de juliol, anirà a càrrec de la compañía PLOMA, amb l´espectacle "TEMPORAL", un projecte idea original d’AINA PASCUAL.

Sens dubte aquesta nova edició d’Alart comptarà amb una important presència d’artistes alaroners, destacades figures dins els seus àmbits.



Viewer Discretion Advised @ Can Gelabert

On the isla arts calendar —  We have a group show around the corner. ‘Viewer Discretion Advised’ will feature new works by Bruno Lucas, Jamal Gunn Becker, Javier Medizabal, Julian Smith and Toni Salom. The show opening is on Saturday May 27th at 12h at Casal de Cultura Can Gelabert in Binissalem. Over the past years we have individually collaborated in one way or another, now expanding to a group format our collective expression will take on new form. Bruno and Javi are coming in from the French Basque Country, Jamal from Stateside via Montana, Toni and I on the isla side Alaro and Binissalem - rare to lock in like this. We are very much looking forward to sharing these works in this space and time. Dip in those dates on your cal… ;^] Hope you can join us. 


Palma de Mallorca,

EOM/OHE @ Panorama Bar Bazar

On Friday April 28th I will exhibiting a series of new works: EOM/OHE (Extensions of Man and the Original Human Experience.) I have been developing this theme over the past year or so working with a variety of cross-medium techniques (audio + visual) (painting, works on paper, prints, sculpture, soundtrack etc) as an observational narrative on distortions of reality and perceived normality.

In addition I will be releasing a new 7” single (Jane in Palma - Side A: 'Quipe Qut' Side B: 'Two 2 Cry') at the show as well, 30x copies, hand stamped / signed - the single will be accompanied with a video installation of sorts working with UK director Sam Davis.

To top this off our good friend Todd Dogg will be getting in to his Dojo Zone holding down the music for the evening.

Doors open at 19h at Panorama Bazar. The space is located at Carrer del Sant Esperit, 18 07002 Palma (Mallorca, Spain).
If you happen to be in the streets of Palma on Friday the 28, drop in on us.