Jane in Palma  

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Postwave psych pop influenced exports. It’s definitely an experience of two halves, as the tense, leftfield post-punk (see also the wonderfully wonky ‘Soft and Lazy’) rubs shoulders with a more blunted, horizontal vision of tracks like ‘San Sebastian Prophet’. Nearly everything here, from either side of the divide, is short and sharp, so there’s very little chance of boredom setting in, and the liberal use of spoken word samples as well as some ingenious lyrical work, means that Smith’s message about modern life and its pitfalls comes across effectively without clumsy sloganeering. Words by Ben Willmott

Support Family
The Blessed Madonna (BBC 6 Music), JD Twitch/ Optimo (NTS), Lefto (WWFM), Laurent Garnier, Louise Chen (NTS), Thristian (WWFM), Papoul (WWFM), Rob Luis (Tru Thougts), Robin Lee (Faze Action), Cottam, Zopelar, Mark Broadbent, Harri, Sam Fawcett (WWFM), Clone Records Holland, OYE! Records Berlin, Flur Discos Portugal

Monolith of Doom EP SE (SFR Rec) (2022) Vinyl 7”
Monolith of Doom EP (SFR Rec) (2021) Vinyl 7” & Digital
Safety Net LP (SFR Rec) (2020) Vinyl 12” & Digital
Es Jardi EP (WNCL Rec) (2018) Vinyl 10” & Digital
Primitive Thoughts LP (SFR Rec) (2016) Vinyl 12” & Digital

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