Basque Expression

Guethary, France

Finishing up a very unofficial residency up in the hills behind Guethary in SW France. These pieces are documentations of a month of full immersion in to interior design development with Javier Medizabal more on this at some point. I did my best to gesturally capture regional specific geography, nameless local legend sightings, border control avoidance routes, conversations, introductions, outroductions, spiritual abductions etc

Basque Expression #1 (Urrugne)
170 x 133cm / Framed
Acrylic & Graphite on Canvas

Basque Expression #2 (Urrugne)
187 x 133cm / Framed
Acrylic & Graphite on Canvas

Baque Expression #3 (Longevity Units)
Graphite / Oil Pastel / Acrylic on Canvas