Es Jardi Garden Tools
Illes Baleares

I shaped these from a few palm fronds that had fallen - I wanted to make some tools rather than buying them. This is a form of human sustainability practice for me - finding ways to avoid industrial commerce for personal solutions is one small step forward for a better connection to our environment and self.

Note* I can see these hackers looking weapon like... Defiantly not the intention - I'm not in to violence or over protection, keys, walls etc etc. No weapon is worth bearing for protection (though I understand how some scenarios change this effect.)

Tool I - Jardi Pala aka ‘The Van Weel'
[King] Palm Frond
74 x 4.25 cm
R Handed
Single Concave to Hull to Foiled Nose
Grip Depth: 4.25 cm
4 Finger Depth: 0.25 cm

Tool II - Pasa Ge’Auda aka ‘Kipp XL'
[King] Palm Frond
23.5 x 6 cm
L Handed
Single Almond Fade to Handle Foil
Grip Depth: 5cm

Tool III - Ahiko aka 'Thick Jimmy'
[King] Palm Frond
72.5 x 6 cm
R Handed
Natural [R] Bow Curve
Single Almond Fade to Grip Lead-In Foil
4 Finger Depth: 0.25 cm