Monolith of Doom @ Sala Studio
September 19, 2021 (Mallorca, Islas Baleares)

Social observations and proposed solutions

“We have two options, either we re-learn how to take the time to take care of ourselves properly or we have to work to earn money to pay for a system to take care of us improperly, rarely have we seen otherwise.”

This is not a finger pointing exercise. Nor am I here to say ‘you’ or ‘we’ or ‘I’ am doing something wrong. The only point of this exercise is to recognize certain "hidden in plain sight" negative conveniences that we are surrounded by. We can then build creative solutions to live independently by means of resourceful thinking and environmental awareness.

I’ve found an important practice is to recognize and avoid certain forms of negative consumption - mostly with things that are habitually accessible, everything from media to food habits. Recognizing and changing these negative habits helps maintain individual balance that can foster longevity  and patience - returning us closer to our natural selfs through positive change.

The narratives weaved through this series of works are personal reminders, simple yet effective quotes in an attempt keep me aware of my surroundings, actions and motivations.

Works Index
Book | First Edition | 2021 | 100x 
7” Vinyl | Limited Edition | 45rpm | 30x 
Framed Original Pages | 21 x 29.7 cm | 24x
Printed Posters| Hand Screened  | 50 x 70 cm | 50x
LS Shirts | Limited Edition | 30x

Studio Photos: Alex Marcus
Video Footage: Todd Gartland, Reece Ashdun